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We are usually first introduced to our patients by their primary care physicians or their specialists by sending us a medical referral to evaluate.  However, there are times when a patient reaches out to us first without getting their primary doctor involved.  We are happy to meet you regardless of the circumstance. 

If you plan on utilizing your insurance benefits to pay for services, at some point we will need to speak with your primary care or specialist because virtually every insurance requires a referral or a prescription from an MD to begin services.  Once that is in place we can move forward with performing an evaluation and really just go from there. 


There are a lot of moving pieces when utilizing insurance benefits for our specialty.  The following list demonstrates most of usually must take place to approve services and commence with therapy.  Of course every insurance is different, so some of this may not be necessary with your particular plan, or, your plan may have more arduous requirements.  In either event, we will stay in communication with you the entire way so you are not left wondering where exactly you are in the process: 


  • We will send your evaluation report back to your primary care doctor or referring specialist  

  • We will request a referral or prescription for therapy from your primary care doctor or referring specialist 

  • Once the referral or prescription for therapy is received it will be forwarded to your insurance company with a request for authorization of therapy services 

  • Once the authorization for therapy services is received we can then schedule you for your therapy services


For those who don't wish to involve their insurance or are uninsured we do offer cash based services at a substantial discount from our full fees, please speak with a front office representative to discuss this alternative. 

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Aphasia | Cognitive | Dysarthria | Dysfluency | Pragmatics | SpeakOut | LVST Loud

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Articulation & Phonological Delays | Pragmatics | Language Disorders | Apraxia of Speech

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Apraxia | Dysarthria | Dysfluency | Pragmatics | Language Disorders | Voice


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Mobile FEES and Modified Barium Swallow Studies are performed offsite in a variety of settings, including Outpatient Imaging facilities and Physicians' offices.


Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday - 8AM - 6PM Fridays by Special Arrangement 

For more information or to book an appointment, please call



1333 North Buffalo Dr. #260

Las Vegas, NV 89128


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