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Survey Shows: Telehealth to make up 20% of all medical visits in 2020


Telemedicine is here to stay!

After an explosion of telemedicine use due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more patients are becoming comfortable managing their health remotely. A survey from Doximity on the state of telemedicine estimated that 20% of all medical visits would be virtual in 2020.

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That equals out to $29 billion of medical services this year. Looking ahead, Doximity expects telemedicine to continue its growth, making up as much as $106 billion of medical services by 2023.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, only 14% of patients had ever used telemedicine. Once the pandemic hit, that jumped to more than 20% of patients, according to Doximity’s survey. Among patients with chronic illness, it was even higher, upwards of 60% of chronic illness patients.

As more patients have started to use telemedicine, their comfort with it also increased. About 27% said they feel more comfortable using telemedicine since the pandemic and 23% plan to use telemedicine once the pandemic ends.

Another 23% of patients said telemedicine provides the same or better care compared to in-person doctor visits. Among patients with chronic illness, that jumped to 53%.