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So, you want to get “clinical” in your research? Use NIH!

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Where To Start Your Search?

So, you want to get “clinical” in your research of whatever ails you or your loved one…. Well, look no further than the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) extensive website: https://www.nih.gov

Unlike many other research-oriented organizations, NIH shares much of its research findings, journal articles and other pertinent information without cost (except maybe your tax dollars ). Yay, open access! Well, what does open access really mean? It means that if you type something into the search bar on NIH it’s going to bring up materials and information you can immediately access including research with no financial barriers. So, what might one find on the NIH website? You can find a wealth of information from NIH related to speech, voice, swallowing, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, TBI, language, memory, attention, and more. One might check out this link: Click Here to look into beneficial information regarding general well-being and health.

An intensive swallowing exercise protocol for improving swallowing physiology in older adults with radiographically confirmed dysphagia

If one were concerned about a critical function like swallowing, he/she may check out the following link: Click Here to view some of the research regarding swallowing therapy and recommended swallowing exercises.

Speech Language Pathology

If someone wanted to read a monthly newsletter regarding health from NIH, he/she may access the link: Click Here. June’s newsletter talks about aphasia from stroke and how it leads to communication breakdowns. Overall, there is so much information on the NIH site. Whether you want to get ‘clinical’ with