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Free CEUs for SLP's | Clinicians' Corner

CEUs for SLP's
Free CEUs for SLP's

Hello, fellow speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and clinicians! I’m writing this on the cusp of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) shutting down their free access to the ASHA Learning Pass. I hope you all were able to take advantage of that free access.

ASHA Learning Pass

Now, I understand the importance of continuing education when it comes to our field and I understand that recording our completion of said courses is a means by which ASHA can ensure that we are at least trying to do something to improve ourselves as clinicians. With that being said, I also don’t like spending extra money on things when I don’t have to, especially right now amidst a financial crisis and viral outbreak.

With that being said, I also don’t like spending extra money on things when I don’t have to, especially right now amidst a financial crisis and viral outbreak

So, what is a frugal SLP to do? Well, if you’re like me, you hunt and search familiar websites and blogs to find opportunities for courses and continuing education units (CEUs). However even during that process, I frequently find dead links and unnecessary redirects. So, I decided to take the liberty to list some of the best options for free CEUs out there in my opinion (Just so you know, all included links and affiliated organizations are also provided at the end of this post). First and foremost, I recommend Lingraphica’s Certification program. As a program that I just went through, I have to say that it grants you access to some great trainings and a lot of CEUs (up to 3.4)! But more than that, if you go through this program for real, you can gain access to a loaner iPad and TouchTalk device for as long as you’re active in the program.

TalkPath Therapy

Also, I’m a huge fan of the TalkPath Therapy and TalkPath News apps from Lingraphica, which are also an aspect of Lingraphica’s Certification program. Passy Muir also provides a myriad of ASHA-approved courses which cover various concepts relative to Passy Muir Valve assessment and use. Check it out further. Click Here

Leaders Project

Another option is the LEADERSproject. This project and related website strive to connect practicing clinicians with research and additional information to ensure that patients receive ethically appropriate services.

The University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin Division of Otolaryngology, Voice & Swallow delivers a free voice and swallow case conference and lecture series online. You can register for the lecture series Click Here Additionally, Tobii Dynavox provides courses related to AAC and using its platform. In a similar fashion, PRC-Saltillo provides coursework related to using their AAC systems.

Shepherd Center’s NeuroRehabilitation Learning Institute
Shepherd Center’s NeuroRehabilitation Learning Institute

Shepherd Center’s NeuroRehabilitation Learning Institute also offers viable opportunities for free CEUs through some of their online courses related to brain injury and neuroanatomy. Pearson, the group that offers many familiar assessment tools, provides free trainings and webinars related to effectively implementing their assessments.


Bilinguistics based out of Austin, Texas also offers a free course related to ethics when working with diverse populations. Super Duper Publications, a website known for offering assorted learning materials and handouts, also has a couple of learning opportunities. Lastly, I think it’s worth noting that ASHA has a tool for searching for CEU courses of varying costs entitled ASHA CEFind, so if you’re not able to find the desired course amidst the free learning opportunities listed above, you can conduct a more in-depth search using ASHA’s web-based search tool.

Free CEUs for SLPs

Overall, I hope you found this information useful and you will be able to access some free CEUs soon. Please check out the resources consolidated in the list below and don’t hesitate to save them for a rainy day or at least a day spent in quarantine.

Links and Resources

Link Indexing:

Resources for CEUs:Lingraphica’s Certification Program: https://www.aphasia.com/asha-ceus-for-slps/certification-program/

Passy Muir: https://www.passy-muir.com/ceu/

LEADERSproject: https://www.leadersproject.org/ceu-courses/

University of Wisconsin Division of Otolaryngology, Voice & Swallow: https://cme.surgery.wisc.edu/courses/voice

Tobii Dynavox: https://www.tobiidynavox.com/en-US/landing-pages/courses/

PRC-Saltillo: https://www.prentrom.com/education/classes?type=making_aac_work&method=online&page=1


Shepherd Center: https://education.shepherd.org/#/public-dashboard

Pearson: https://www.pearsonassessments.com/professional-assessments/blog-webinars/webinars.html?tagId=school%3aglobal%2fclinical%2fus%2fcategories%2fASHA_CEU_Eligible

Bilinguistics: https://bilinguistics.com/catalog/speech-pathology-ceus/video/free-ceu-course-for-speech-pathologists/

ASHA CEFind: https://find.asha.org/CE#sort=relevancy


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