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Becoming a Certified Lingraphica Technology Specialist

Becoming a Certified Lingraphica Technology Specialist

Hello, everyone! So today, I want to talk with you all about a particular program Lingraphica has and how it is an excellent opportunity for speech-language pathologists out there.

Dubbed the Lingraphica Certification Program, it boasts some great benefits including earning up to 3.4 CEUs at no cost, acquiring a loaner iPad and/or TouchTalk device (while active in the program), and learning how to better utilize Lingraphica’s apps and tools.

Personally, I wanted to talk about this program because I’ve just recently completed it and have been an avid user of Lingraphica’s technologies for some time, even before I ever heard about this certification program.

Therapy Session

So...what are Lingraphica’s technologies?

TalkPath Therapy:

This free online and app-based therapy tool provides stroke survivors with ongoing learning opportunities and means for improvement, especially as it relates to cognitive-communication skills. It’s great for daily practice and offers a variety of activities to keep it engaging. TalkPath Therapy is also HIPAA-compliant and can be used to foster a home exercise plan. I’ve personally used this tool for some time and have greatly enjoyed using it. I typically recommend it to fellow clinicians and patients wherever possible.

TalkPath News:

I also frequently recommend Lingraphica’s news platform to patients and fellow SLPs. TalkPath News, which is accessible online and via app, is another excellent tool for individuals seeking bite-sized news and increased overall accessibility. Additionally, it functions well as a reading comprehension tool and can even help with reading therapy post-stroke.

QuickAccess Device Evaluation Tool: